BFS Capital executives to present at top fintech and banking events

BFS Capital executives to present at top fintech and banking events

As BFS Capital continues to bring innovative financing and services to small businesses, the company is participating in several key fintech and banking events around the world.

Mark Ruddock, CEO of BFS Capital, is delivering a keynote at the third annual Subprime Credit Forum in Prague, Czech Republic, on September 12.

Ruddock’s speech, Insights into Small Business Lending Across the US & EU, draws on his 20+ years of experience in global financial services and technology. He will discuss what small businesses share in common with subprime borrowers and how digital consumer trends are shaping the lending industry, including BFS Capital’s continued transformation into a fully automated digital lender.

In a moderated Q&A following his keynote, Business Journey with Mark Ruddock | Market Outlook and Practical Insights, Ruddock will tap into his in-the-trenches experience in online financial services, today as CEO of BFS Capital, previously as interim CEO of 4finance, one of the largest European consumer focused online lenders, and earlier as the founder of an enterprise software company focused on financial services and CEO of a mobile software company.

Ruddock will also attend Lend360, one of the top online consumer and business lending conferences. Held in Dallas Sept. 25-27, more than 850 lenders, service partners, investors, bank executives and others will gather to gain perspective on critical trends in online lending.

Ruddock will participate in the panel Tactical Strategy and Techniques for Small Business Customer Acquisition, on Sept. 25 at 4:00 pm Central Time. He will discuss leveraging technology that optimizes the customer journey and drives revenue. Panelists will include Vik Dua, COO of Ocrolus, Tom Carter, VP of Business Development at ForwardLine, and Ben Sabloff, Managing Partner of AQN Strategies.

At deBanked CONNECT held in San Diego on October 24, BFS Capital Chief Product and Technology Officer Fred Kauber will join the Sales & Marketing: Tech with the Times session panel.

Kauber, a financial services technology innovator, will bring his rich perspective on the technology needed for brokers, funders, and other participants in the MCA and small business lending industry to keep pace with emerging digital demands. He’ll focus his remarks on using technology to improve transparency and create customer-centric businesses that drive more value for borrowers.

Panelists include McLean Wilson, CEO of Inactor, Kristof Anderson-Tsang, sales & business development executive at LoanMe, and Larry Chiavaro, Executive Vice President of First Associates Loan Servicing.

We welcome your interest in attending these events with BFS Capital and would be happy to connect with you there. Please email us at if you’d like to meet, or track our updates and insights online at and on Twitter at @BFSCap.

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