Helping a doctor help her patients


A loan from BFS helped this West Virginia doctor pay down debt – and stock up on vital medical supplies for her patients.

Dr. Marilyn Glaser, physician and sole proprietor
A small medical practice with 5,000 patients
Rural West Virginia
In business since the 1980s
Why (how BFS helped)
  • Paying down debt
  • Strengthening supplier relationships
  • Improving cash flow

Marilyn Glaser is a physician who has spent her entire career caring for – and about – people. Rather than working at a hospital or for a large corporation, she has chosen to run a family practice in rural West Virginia, where she provides medical care to a low-income, high-needs population of around 5,000 people.

Marilyn has been in business for over 30 years as a sole proprietor, with a small operation that’s just herself, two nurses and one front office person. Her practice has never been a particularly lucrative one, but Marilyn’s not in it for the money. Her 100% outpatient practice helps patients of all different ages, from newborns to the elderly (her oldest patient is 103!), as well as chronic care patients like diabetics, people with blood pressure issues, lung issues, etc.

Over the years, Marilyn has faced some significant challenges, both personal and professional. She battled cancer, lost her home to a fire, and has had her office damaged by severe flooding. But she perseveres because she’s committed to being there for the people in her community,

“I’ve struggled financially, but with what I do, it just comes with the territory,” she says. “I could have bowed out at any point, like when my place was flooded. And I certainly could have picked a more economically prosperous area to practice in. But I’m committed to practicing where I am. I feel my services are needed, so I’m sticking with it.”

One of Marilyn’s biggest business challenges has always been cash flow. Medical supplies can be extremely expensive, especially vaccines; just 10 pneumonia vaccines can run upwards of $2,000. While she does her best to be conservative with her ordering, she has to ensure she’s stocked up with the supplies her patients need, when they need them.

Recently, that led to a cash flow problem: she found herself $14,000 in debt to a medical supply company that was threatening to cut her off. Not having access to supplies would have really hurt her business, not to mention her patients. So she turned to a consultant to help her find the best financing option for her needs. After considering a number of different lenders, he recommended BFS Capital.

A little funding is helping a lot of people

The loan from BFS allowed her to pay down the debt and get rolling again with her supplier.

“I don’t have an accountant or an office manager – I had to manage everything myself. The application wasn’t difficult and I got answers in a timely manner. And when it came time to get my funds, it was as streamlined as possible. I appreciated that.”

“It helped keep me going,” she said. “The loan process was straightforward. I don’t have an accountant or an office manager or anything like that, so I had to manage it myself. The application wasn’t difficult and I received answers in a timely manner. And when it came time to get my funds, it was as streamlined as possible. I appreciated that.”

At 67 years old, most people would be thinking hard about retirement – or they’d already be retired. But not Marilyn. She plans to keep practicing for at least another 10 years, if not longer, so she can keep helping the people who need her. By ensuring she can stock the supplies that keep her patients healthy, BFS has enabled her to do just that. She is currently in talks with a larger entity that may be able to help her run her practice, but she definitely hasn’t ruled out another BFS loan to help with cash flow.

“I would definitely use BFS again,” she says. “It’s a great fit for businesses like mine that need cash to pay down debt and help with admin.”

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